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Using a Mantra during Meditation

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Mantra is a Sanskrit word used during meditation. In Sanskrit “Man” means “mind”and “Tra” means “instrument”. This means that a mantra is an instrument of the mind. A mantra is a sound or vibration which is used to help us to quiet the mind and enter a state of meditation.

The mantra is repeated silently while meditating. The repetition of the mantra initially helps to quiet and eventually still the thoughts of the mind. This repetition of a mantra creates a mental vibration which brings the mind into a deeper state of inner awareness. Once in this state, the field of pure consciousness from which allvibrations arise, becomes available and we are able to connect to our true spirit and source.

There are several Sanksrit mantras, choose one and as you sit for meditation repeat the mantra silently. This will help you to separate yourself from your thoughts and find the entrance into your inner being. Often this entrance or door to the inner self is found between the breaths or thoughts. Sit each day for 10 to 30 minutes and repeat the mantra. Choose a mantra and sit with it in meditation for several days before moving on to another mantra.

Mantras for Meditation

Om – The vibration of all things

Ananda Hum – I am bliss

Shum – I am inspired

Shanti Hum – I am Peace

Aham Prema – I am love

Lila Hum – I am playful

Shreem – I am all possibilities

Sarvatva – I am wholeness

Shee Ram I embody happiness

Dharma Hum – My life has purpose and meaning

So Hum ~ I am

Om Kriyam Namah ~ My actions are aligned with cosmic law.

Sat Chit Ananda ~ Existence, consciousness, bliss.

Aham Brahmasmi ~ I am the universe

Om Bhavam Namah ~ I am absolute existence. I am a field of all possibility

Om Vardhanam Namah ~ I nourish the universe and the universe nourishes me

Om Varunam Namah ~ My life is in harmony with the universe

These translations are from Deepok Chopra


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Sessions of yoga and guided meditation will be interspersed with workshops on living in harmony, breathing techniques, hatha – vinyasa flow yoga, partner and restorative yoga. You will receive handouts on meditation techniques, yogic breathing techniques and yoga posture flows. You will also have the opportunity to make a beaded meditation (Mala) necklace and bracelet.  Stay on site and experience the full inner centering of this renewable energy oasis. We are located in the beautiful country of central Wisconsin.

Two nights stay included in the stay on site fee as well as breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings and a catered lunch Saturday and Sunday and a catered dinner Saturday. Participants will enjoy free time to explore trails in the wooded hills and open fields.

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