Yoga Mudras

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Mudras are gestures, usually made with the hands. These gestures or seals are meant to direct the flow of Prana, healing life force energy.

Each finger represents one of the five elements that the human body is made of. 

~The thumb represents Fire or Agni  

~The pointer finger represents Air or Vayu  

~The middle finger represents Space or Tamas  

~The ring finger represents Earth or Raja  

~The little finger represents Water or Stava  


Anjali Mudra

The Anjali Mudra is one of the most commonly used mudras. It is used as a greeting.

The hands are held together at the chest with the palms slightly cupped so that the palms do not touch. The chest is held slightly forward with the heart center slightly lifted and thumbs touching the sternum.

This mudra is said to help you connect to your center and find balance and harmony within and without towards others. You are opening your heart for space to let blessings flow.


Jnana Mudra

The Janana Mudra is said to stabilize the mind for better meditation. The tips of the pointer finger and thumb touch while the other fingers are extended. The palms are facing upward while resting on the knees or thighs.

This mudra is said to improve concentration and memory. And to give insights and knowledge on issues one may be facing.


Dhyana Mudra

The Dhyana Mudra is a contemplative gesture, with the right hand resting on the left hand, both palms facing up. The tips of the thumbs are touching and forming what is called the “Golden Triangle”.

The right hand represents enlightenment and inner awareness. The left hand represents maya or illusion, referring to our attachment and belief in the physical as our “reality”.

The word Dhyana means meditation in sanskrit. This mudra is said to channel prana, the vital life force which aids in concentration, quiets the mind and brings balance into ones’ meditation and life.

It is said that Siddhartha sat under the Bodi tree while meditating and using the Dyana Mudra and he then became the Budha. 


Prana Mudra

The Prana Mudra is taken by placing the tips of the thumb = fire, ring finger = earth and little finger = water together and resting the hands on the knees.

This mudra is said to boost the flow of prana or life force within us. Bringing focus and clarity to one’s meditation and reducing fatigue and nervousness. It improves circulation as the water, earth and fire elements are joined.

The word Prana means life force.


Surya Mudra


The Surya Mudra is taken by resting the thumb (fire) on the bent ring finger (earth) and placing the hands on the knees.


Surya mudra is a hand gesture that increases the fire element and quiets the earth element in the body. A Sanskrit term, surya means “sun” and mudra means “gesture.”

Surya mudra is performed by bending both ring fingers and placing the thumbs over the bent ring fingers.. By a gentle pressure of the thumbs on top of the ring fingers, the earth element residing in the ring fingers is decreased and the fire element residing in the thumbs is increased.

This mudra is also known as agni vardhak mudra (agni meaning “fire”) or prithvi shamak mudra (prithvi meaning “earth”).


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