Artha Yoga Studios temporary closing because of Corona Virus

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We here at Artha Yoga Studios have been closely monitoring the updates on the COVID-19 virus. This is new territory for all of us, deciding how we should respond to the increasingly rapid transmission of the virus. We feel that it is all of our responsibility to do our part in limiting the spread of this disease. Social distancing has become required in many instances and recommended for all of us. This is a hardship on many levels, yet is to the benefit of not only ourselves, but also to our family and our community.

We have decided to cancel our upcoming Artha Yoga Classes beginning this week. This includes the Restorative Yoga and Crystal Singing Bowl workshop scheduled for Monday, March 16 at 5:30pm, we hope to reschedule that workshop as soon as possible. We are working to offer the weekly classes online and will try to make that happen within the next few days. There are three weeks left in the ongoing eight – week winter yoga session. These three weeks will be resumed when it becomes possible to return to meeting once again.

I hope that as we go through this challenging time we can pause and realize that we do in fact have some control in this unprecedented situation. Our control, at the very least exists, in our reaction to this ongoing pandemic. I encourage us all to lead with our hearts as we move through these new and unpredictable times.