Summer moving too fast? Be here now with yoga.

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Artha Yoga Studios July Newsletter

Summer Yoga Session II

 July 19 – Sept.1
Cool off this summer with yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation. The benefits of yoga practice are numerous: strengthening and stabilizing, building confidence and stamina, energizing and uplifting, healing and calming, and finally expanding your awareness of what is possible in your life and with your intentions.  Make time for yourself and join us here at Artha Yoga Studios.

Holistic Wellness

Wellness is about more than physical fitness, more than emotional well-being, more than mental vibrancy. Wellness encompasses all of those things, and more. Taking care of yourself means taking care of all your needs – physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and so on. There have been numerous studies that show the impact of mental health on physical health, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

In the past decade, we have seen a surge of enthusiasm for activities such as yoga. Yoga is both a physical and spiritual practice and it benefits our mental and emotional selves as well. When we heal one part of our self, the other parts are positively affect. This ties directly into the body-mind-spirit modality that you may be aware of. Unhappiness or ill health are just tow of the areas that indicate an imbalance in all three, and the reverse is true as well. Oftentimes, the physical issues we experience are the result of emotional blocks in our bodies.
What does this mean in action? It means making sure that you attend to your needs appropriately and be will to look at larger casual issues when something does arise. It means treating you – the whole you – rather than just the part of you that is sick, finding practitioners who will do the same. It means loving every part of yourself and continually seeking out activities that help you heal, grow, learn and experience.