Artha Yoga Class Readings, July 2010

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Yoga Class Readings July 2010

What life has taught me:
Resentment is poisonous;
Compassion is healing;
Love is creative.

Ellen Sophia Bosanquet


to think of one’s life as time to be invested
or to sacrifice the present
to an uncertain future is foolishness…
it is obvious that life is a gift rather than a reward….

Jim Corbett


How do i dwell in the eternity of the moment?
By letting the eternity of the moment dwell in me.

Damarit Parker-Rhodes


Silence creates it’s own tensions,
it fluctuates like waves;
after every high there is a low,
even soft murmurs as it’s
waves dissipate toward the shore,
you may step into the pool of silence
denuded and in pain
but you will emerge from it restored
in truth at peace.

Peter & Carole Fingerstem