Festival of India

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Festival of India
All Festival proceeds to benefit SHAMA, Inc.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Stevens Point Area Senior High (SPASH)
1201 North Point Drive
Stevens Point, WI
(West of Ramada Inn)

Indian Buffet , Dances , Yoga and Music and good cause.

Lila Kirtan from Milwaukee will perform At the Festival on Oct 13.

Asha Sharma JD , our own Fox Valley professional Kathak dancer and an African American ,a professional dancer along with other Kathak dancer will do Kathak dance with Gospel music .

We are lucky to get great professional dancer Kripa Baskarn , Natyarpana dance school Director and UW Dance Faculty in Milwaukee and her group with musicians .

We will have classical vocal and instrumental music.

Please join us for delicious food, great cause and lots of fun.

Thanks for your continued support.