Live music with Chirs Brenne at Artha Yoga Studios

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Artha Yoga Classes with Live Music

� Chris Brenne will be playing classical guitar for Artha Yoga Class on Wednesday, August 29, for the 6:15pm class at Waupaca Recreation Ctr- Exercise Room, 407 School St., Waupaca, Wi. Previous and new students are welcome to attend, drop in fee is $14, proceeds will go to Chris.

There will also be music at Artha Yoga Studios, 9784 County Road K, Amherst, WI – on Tuesday – September 28 for the 4:30pm and 6:15pm classes and Wednesday – September 29 for the 8:00am class, call to see if there is room if you are not enrolled in these classes.

��� Live music adds a new dimension to your practice. Chris has
developed a style of guitar-playing and composition especially for
bodywork accompaniment. As a live, human musician in the studio,
creating sound to inspire breath, Chris joins with the students and
teacher to create a truly unique experience.

��� Yoga teachers say:”Chris Brenne is not only a phenomenal musician, but also a
wonderful presence to have in a yoga class. His music flows through the
yoga practice like a sweet companion to the breath. It is almost as if
Chris could intuit where the practice was headed next and lead us into
the grace of the sequences with the waves of his melodies. Across the
board, all of the students who experienced Chris’ music were blown away
and honored to practice yoga with his accompaniment.” – River Morgan,
RYT, Aspen, CO.

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