Artha Bed and Breakfast the Antithesis of Lace Doilies

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“antithesis of lace doilies”

Artha Sustainable Living Center Bed and Breakfast is simple and green. We want to give people a place where they can stay that is peaceful, quiet, and clutter free. Many visitors are here for an education course in renewable energy or to attend a yoga retreat. They come to our oasis in the country, not for the antiques, but for the organic gardens, wooded trails and breakfasts consisting of local, vegetarian fair. The walls are adorned with abstract art from local artists and the rooms have simple organic linens to sink into with a cup of our Artha Organics Tea. We don’t always attract the usual B&B folks, many of our guests are first timers, and they leave wondering why they had not stayed at a B&B before.