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Artha Yoga Reading 11/15/18
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If we are peaceful If we are happy We can smile and blossom like a flower And everyone in our family Our entire society will benefit from our peace ~Thich Nhat Hanh

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Artha Yoga Reading 11/8/18
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Creation Flows, for life is the movement of Being.   Immerse yourself in stillness and become consciously one with the flow.   Conscious union is yoga. ~Erich Schiffman

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Marguerite Ramlow

Ramlow teaches vinyasa flow style yoga, encouraging each student to work within their own limits while guiding them to find the joy of proper alignment and strength in each pose. Meditation and time for inner reflection are an important part of her teaching. She is the owner of Artha Yoga Studios, a division of Artha Sustainable Living Center and teaches several classes a week at the Yoga Room in Waupaca and Artha Yoga Studios in Amherst, WI.  She also teaches various Yoga and Meditation Workshops and Retreats.