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Artha Yoga Class Readings, August 2010

Yoga Readings August 2010 He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough. Lao Tze Tao Te Ching Stop talking, stop thinking, and there is nothing you will not understand. Return to the Root and you will find the meaning; Pursue the Light, and you will lose its source… There is no need…

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Artha Yoga Class Readings, July 2010

Yoga Class Readings July 2010 07/06/10 What life has taught me: Resentment is poisonous; Compassion is healing; Love is creative. Ellen Sophia Bosanquet 07/14/10 to think of one’s life as time to be invested or to sacrifice the present to an uncertain future is foolishness… it is obvious that life is a gift rather than…

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Marguerite Ramlow

Ramlow teaches vinyasa flow style yoga, encouraging each student to work within their own limits while guiding them to find the joy of proper alignment and strength in each pose. Meditation and time for inner reflection are an important part of her teaching. She is the owner of Artha Yoga Studios, a division of Artha Sustainable Living Center and teaches several classes a week at the Yoga Room in Waupaca and Artha Yoga Studios in Amherst, WI.  She also teaches various Yoga and Meditation Workshops and Retreats.