Artha Advanced Solar Thermal System Design Workshop

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Advanced Solar Thermal System Design Workshop
June 28th – 29th, 2010 — 8 to 4pm at Artha Sustainable Living Center llc 

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Participants will increase their knowledge of collector and systemcomponents, including pump sizing and piping design for solar waterheating and space heating systems. Day one will include a formalclassroom workshop setting and day two will include hands-on practicedesigns and critique. This course prepares students for design workbeyond basic domestic solar thermal installations.
The course is taught by Bob Ramlow, an ISPQ Certified IndependentMaster Trainer in Solar Water Heating and a NABCEP Certified SolarThermal Installer with over thirty years experience installing andmaintaining solar water and space heating systems. He is also theauthor of Solar Water Heating, A Comprehensive Guide to Solar Water andSpace Heating Systems.